Are tissues, organs, blood and/or body fluids retained after the autopsy and release of the body?

If it is determined that an autopsy, external examination or toxicology analysis is required to determine or confirm the cause and manner of death pursuant to California Government Code Section 27491, tissue(s)/organ(s)/body fluid(s) may be retained for analysis and/or evidentiary purposes pursuant to California Government Code Section 27491.4. Tissues/organs/body fluids retained at autopsy or as part of any coroner investigative procedure will be disposed of pursuant to California Health and Safety Code Section 7054.4

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Coroner Seeks Victim's Identity

On 8/9/2013 am Unidentified Hispanic male was struck by a vehicle while attempting to cross the northbound lanes of Hwy 99 near the 47th Ave overpass.  The man died of blunt force trauma as a result of the accident.  The Sacramento County Coroner's Office has been unsuccessful in identifying the victim via fingerprints. He is believed to be a Mexican national that worked picking apples in Washington State before coming to California to seek employment.
He is believed to be in his mid to late 20's and was 5'2" tall and weighed approximately 130 pounds. He has short dark brown/black hair and brown eyes.  He has a moustache and a few chin hairs. He wore a small yellow metal stud in his left ear and multiple multi-colored hair ties as bracelets on his right wrist. He has an "X" shaped scar at the base of his left index finger. His clothing consitsed of dark denim "STYLO DNM ENGINEERING" jeans with a blue belt, a sleeveless gray Sacramento River Cats Baseball shirt, B.U.M. Equipment boxer briefs, and black tennis shoes with a red '(P)' logo.
A sketch of the decedent was prepared. Anyone believeing they know the identity of this man is asked to contact the Sacramento County Coroner's Office at (916)874-9320 and reference Case #13-03870.

Detectives Seek Identity of Homicide Victim

Detectives seek identity of homicide victimAn unidentified man, who was the victim of a homicide,  was found deceased on Riley Road in Wilton on 04/02/12.  The Coroner autopsy determined that he died as a result of multiple gunshot wounds.  The Sacramento Coroner and Sheriff’s Department have had no success in identifying the victim by fingerprints and have not developed any leads to his identity.
The man is described as a Hispanic male in his late 20s to late 30s, who was 5’5” tall and weighs approximately 160 pounds. He has short dark brown/black hair, brown eyes, a moustache, and a mole on his right cheek near the moustache. The man also has a scar on the inside of his left arm, near his bicep. His clothing consisted of blue ‘Raider’ brand denim shorts with a brown leather belt over a pair of ‘Joe Boxer’ briefs with a print pattern of skulls and crossbones.
A sketch of the man was prepared by a Sheriff's Department artist.  Anyone believing they know the identity of this man is asked to contact the Sacramento County Coroner's Office at (916) 874-9320  

Adult Male's Identity Still A Mystery For Coroner

Adult Male's Identity Still A Mystery For CoronerThe Sacramento Coroner’s Office has been unable to identify an elderly white male who passed away on May 9, 2011 of natural causes in a nursing facility in Sacramento.  The Coroner was informed that the elderly man was under investigation by the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) prior to his death for receiving health care under false declaration, grand theft and identity theft.  DHCS began their investigation in February 2010 when it was discovered that the elderly man had assumed the identity of Manuel Calderon of Texas.

Facial reconstruction of victim created by FBI to assist investigators

Sacramento County Coroner and Sheriff's Department Seek Public's Help to Identify 2008 Homicide Victim.
The skeletal remains of a homicide victim found in the rural delta area of Sacramento County in March 2008 remain unidentified. A three-dimensional facial reconstruction model was recently made by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) Laboratory Services to assist investigators with the identification.
Details for case #08-1866

Help Us Identify Deceased Persons

The Sacramento County Coroner’s Office has 72 active “John Doe” and “Jane Doe” cases dating back to 1975, and we need your help to identify them. We hope that a loved one or friend may recognize the description of someone on this site that leads to an identification.